Stacy Woodson

Upcoming Short Fiction

“To Catch a Purr-petrator”

Black Cat Mystery Magazine, 2022
Mindy’s first week of her summer internship as a production assistant on the Pet Shopping Network seems to be going pretty well until she finds her boss face down in a bag of kitty kibble. No one seems to care that someone tried to poison Kat, not even the police. But Mindy believes Kat deserves justice and decides to investigate on her own.

“Armadillo by Morning”

Black Cat Mystery Magazine, 2022
An animal control officer’s last week on the job takes a deadly turn.

“Hometown Headlines”

Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir Vol 3, Down and Out Books, 2022
An actor will go to any lengths to get the role of a lifetime.

“One Night in 1965”

More Groovy Gumshoes, Down and Out Books, April 2023
A private investigator takes a case chasing down a draft dodger, and he finds himself reexamining his own life.

“Dogs of War”

Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir Vol 4, Down and Out Books, 2023
co-written with Michael Bracken

“Desperate Letters”

Mystery Weekly Magazine, TBP
When her friend and fellow Pottsville Puzzler goes missing, Mabel must use her puzzle solving skills to locate Stan and identify a mafia hitman in this cozy You-solve-it mystery.

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